What is a Fossil?

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Right In the Comfort Of Your Own Home!

Have you ever seen a kid trying to dig for treasure and the excitement of finding just one little shiney rock?

Ever since I was a little kid I always wanted to dig and find treasure, crystals, fossils, etc. It was much more difficult back then when I was younger. But now, you can get your child something of incredible value that's loaded with real specimens, gives them hours of fun and is highly educational as well.

Look, going on a real fossil dig can be very rewarding and extremely challenging at the same time. I know - I've done this many many times. If you have the time, nothing is cooler than going home with real genuine specimens that YOU found in the natural setting.

However, if traveling for hours on end in the heat with only the possibility of finding specimens, and if getting flat tires on rough dusty roads is not appealing to you, and you would prefer something a bit easier and immediately gratifying then our DINOSAURS ROCK EXCAVATION BLOCKS may be just what you are looking for.

Below is just a sampling of just some of the cool specimens you might find...

What is a fossil?What is a fossil?What is a fossil?

What is a fossil?
It's like 4 different products in one...

It's like being on a really successful Fossil Dig! You will find Dinosaur Bone, Petrified Wood, Fossil Coral, Amber, Fossil Clam, Fossil Sea Urchin, Trilobites, Shark Teeth, Megalodon Shark tooth, Crinoid Stems, etc.

Imagine mining, finding and keeping genuine Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz Crystals, Polished Agates, Gemstone Ruby, Emerald, Peridot, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Sodalite, Herkimer Diamond, etc. because that is what you will find in these excavation blocks. All GEMSTONES are in their "ROUGH" form and not polished. Many of the other rocks (agates) are polished. Please see our Fossil/Mineral ID Chart

to see what the stones look like.

Just like a real gold Prospector, instead of finding real gold you will find Various really cool shiney sizes of Pyrite (fools gold).

WOW! Giant HUGE SHARK TEETH from the most feared predator of its time. Shark teeth pieces bigger than your kids hands!! Some Meg teeth can measure from 3 - 5 inches each. These are 1/2's 1/4's and 3/4 Meg teeth. Dig up and find not only Meg Teeth but
large Lamna Oblique Shark Teeth as well as Sand Tiger Shark Teeth.

Pictured below is our Dinosaurs Rock Excavation Block loaded with at least 100 specimens. No fancy packaging here, just a lot of real, genuine specimens no other retail shop could ever afford to give to you. Each block is made from clean play sand and plaster. You get a thick "paint brush" with which you chip and brush away the hard "matrix" surrounding the fossils and minerals. Once done, simply let your specimens sit in water overnight and by the next day they should be nice and clean and ready for display.

Excavation Block

A REAL FOSSIL DIG AT YOUR PARTY CAMP SCHOOL OR SCOUT MEETING. Find loads of genuine Dinosaur Bone, Shark Teeth, Petrified Wood, Crinoid Stems, Brachiopods, Amethyst, Citrine, Quartz, Polished Agates and lots more.

Originally only for use in our private Dinosaur Camps and School Programs we now bring this unbelievable EXCAVATION KIT directly to you. No where else will you be able to find this vast selection of genuine Fossils, Minerals & Gemstones in one block. You get the Excavation Block, Excavation Tools, on-line Fossil/Mineral/Gemstone ID Chart, and instructions for safe use. CAN NOT BE PURCHASED ANYWHERE ELSE.


Fossil & Mineral
Excavation Block

for $79 each
Shipping Additional

To Order CALL 1-800-411-DINO (3466)
Use YOur Visa or Mastercard for the Dinosaur Rock Ultimate Excavation Treasure Mine.


"I recently walked into a retail store only to see the most beautifully packaged box that sort of duplicated what I was doing with my Dinosaurs Rock Excavation Blocks.

After close examination, I realized that you the consumer were really only getting a Beautifully Packaged Box and very little in terms of "product". For example I saw one fossil dig retailing for $12 and you only got 4 specimens. I saw another for $15 and you got a bunch of plastic pieces.

I then thought that when you take this home, you are just going to through out the beautiful box anyway and then you are left with a minimal amount of specimens.

As a wholesaler of bulk fossils and minerals I can give you so much more value for your money like over 100 specimens for $79 in this one excavation block. All of our Dinosaurs Rock Excavation Blocks are jam packed with specimens no retailer could afford to sell this to you.

NO FANCY PACKAGING HERE- Just a bunch of Great Fossils and Minerals You get to dig up and keep."

Have Fun!

 What is a Fossil?

What is a fossil?

What is a fossil?

What is a fossil?

What is a fossil?